|Why should I have a Video made by Billion Bites?|

  • Creative Visual/Edited works that helps your Brand, Cause or Event.

  • Helping you to Direct your vision into the Video.

  • We work hard in creating something that you'll feel proud of.

  • Using 4K film equipment, as well as lighting and sound equipment.

  • Working at an Editing Suite where we do the Video Editing, but also a professional colour grade using industry standard software.

  • The option of portable studio interviews with backdrops or a tailored one using your location.

Feel free to contact us and we can tailor a quote for you.

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|Our Film Look Vision: in Creating your Work|

We have recently upgraded our Film Equipment and we now offer a really unique look to your videos.

+ We have a Professional Gimbal for Steadicam work

+ We now use Cinemorph filters which creates the Hollywood look (Anamorphic Cinema) 

(Long Light Streaks/Flares/Vertical Stretched Bokeh)

+ Low-light Lenses that work in Darkly Lit Areas/Blurry backgrounds

+ We use a professional Sony Video Camera that delivers a cinematic image

+ We do Colour Grading and use Film Convert Pro, which Celebrated Filmmaker Philip Bloom uses

|About Your Filmmaker|

 Taken by Elin Robinson Photography

Jonnie-Dean Peace

Creates video production content as Billion Bites. He is a Videographer/Video Editor and aspiring Screenwriter, Director and Cinematographer.


Starting filmmaking at an early age, he knew he wanted to be a filmmaker in his Primary School years. He started experimenting with filming very early on, writing stories and has always aimed towards being a Film Director.

He learnt early on that there are time and budget constraints in making films, so he started trying to do the best work he could with the limited resources he had.

He started hiring actors to star in his films from 2006.

  • His first Short Film 'Stones' was screened at the Super Shorts Film Festival in 2006 run by Talent Circle

  • It was screened on Television and won a small award of £250

In 2011 he started making videos for clients and started Billion Bites in 2015. His recent work includes Filming/Editing for a car rally company, filming their London events and rallies in Europe throughout 2017/2018. He also creates Promo Videos, Music Videos and regularly films Events.

  • Jonnie-Dean has had three films selected in the Portobello Film Festival

  • Jonnie's Children's short 'Disenchanted' was screened at 10 film festivals Internationally

  • A Children's Peace Documentary had a special Film Premiere with an audience of 60 people in 2013

He has self-taught himself filmmaking throughout many years, and has been Video Editing his own projects since 2006. He can also do film lighting, sound design and colour grading. He often films in 4K and has recently been working with a gimbal (steadicam) kit. 

Age: 32

Hobbies: Writing Stories and Screenwriting, Making Films, Art and New Technology, U2 fan, Peace Activism, Meditation and Swimming.     


  • Film Directors Foundation Certificate (2014) – Raindance

  • Film Directing Essentials (2014) – Raindance

  • Staffordshire University (2009) - BSC Film Production

  • Arts Institute Bournemouth (2004) National Diploma in Multimedia

|Previous Full Time Work|

  • Cruise Ship Videographer (2009/2010)

#Current Projects

We are currently working on two new shorts films:

#ToDream - (2018) - Filming (TBC)

Light My Way - (2019) - Filming (TBC)

+ A date film with a twist, a chase sequence that is similar to Run Lola Run.

Our Experience

Although I am a Videographer, I study hard like a Cinematographer in trying to achieve the best cinematic look.

I've recently been interested in the Anamorphic Look. You often see this look in the mainstream Hollywood films from the 1970s onwards.

Some of the characteristics of Anamorphic are:

The Flares and Light Streaks

* Stretched Vertical Blurry Background with the bokeh (soft) lights being stretched as well.

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What we also offer:

| 4K Video and 120 frames per second Slow Motion using the Sony A6300 |

| Low-Light Cinema Lenses that achieve blurry backgrounds |

| Low-light filming with the Sony Video Camera |

| A Professional Gimbal/Steadicam |

| Creative Steadicam work using a very good auto-focus |

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| My Passion on Supporting Others |

I am very passionate about my work and supporting others, I would like to aim to help aspiring filmmakers in the future.

Cinema is one of the most accessible and powerful narratives that we have to make real change.

So instead of following your passion, take it with you to get the opportunities that are out there.