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**New for 2019 Bookings**

  • Anamorphic Filters - Long Light Streak Flares and a more Hollywood Look to your wedding film

  • Pro Mist Filter - Gives the footage a less digital look by reducing the contrast and beautifies the subjects on camera.

We create your finished videos as a 4K Digital file for you to keep:

  • 4K is 8 megapixels whilst HD is 2 megapixels per image

  • It will be future proofed more

  • If you lose your copy of the film, we store your film safely for a year

We use Cinematic film equipment to visually film your day

  • We use a Gimbal Steadicam, so we can film those smooth movement shots that you see on TV and Film

  • We use Anamorphic Filters, which means we can have light flares and create a more Hollywood Look to your Projects (Currently offered on projects from November 2018 onwards)

  • We Edit your story in a way that fits your needs.

You can be in control of the edits

  • We allow you to revise the edits before we give you the final video

We offer some bonus perks to your package for supporting us

  • If you book with us, we offer more to your package if you allow us permission to use video samples for our promotion.