Jonnie-Dean Peace founded Billion Bites as a freelance business for his work as well as a home for his film projects.

We have been creating short films since 2006, Our first short film 'Stones' was screened at the Super Shorts Film Festival in Soho, London. The film also won a small award of £250 from ITV Local, which broadcasted films online before Youtube got really popular. Jonnie-Dean Peace has made over a dozen short films since then, and most of his shorts are self-financed projects mainly on a shoestring budget. One of his most popular shorts 'Disenchanted' has been screened in ten film festivals internationally.

Jonnie-Dean is now at a point of working towards feature-length films. He has written two feature screenplays and has had a small cinema screening of two children's films for an audience of 60 people, for the premiere of his short film Peace: A Child's Dream.

His recent short film 'Heaven Sent' has been screened at the Portobello Film Festival, and it showcases some of Jonnie-Dean's spiritual themes that have formed into his life over the last ten years.

Jonnie-Dean is also a Videographer, Video Editor and Colourist for his freelance work. He is often working towards a new short film, and he welcomes the chance to meet established and new filmmakers on his journey.


Here is a selection of films Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Jonnie-Dean Peace:

Heaven Sent (2017)  Drama - Black Magic Pocket (HD)

After celebrating Billion Bites' first year, Jonnie-Dean wanted to make a new short with Max Rudd who had collaborated with Jonnie on a Drama/Romance feature script.

Raising a very modest budget from family and friends, they shot the film and developed a tender story.

The film was Directed, Shot, Edited by Jonnie-Dean Peace, and was a welcome return to developing new stories but showed his spiritual outlook that has become an important part of his life in the last ten years. The film was selected for the Portobello Film Festival, the third time Jonnie-Dean's work has been selected there.

Flowers For Her (2015)  Drama - Black Magic Pocket (HD)

Whilst planning to set up Billion Bites, Jonnie started to develop a greater interest in Cinematography and was keen on learning how to create a genuine performance. At the time he had invested in a new camera, but for this film he used very cheap cctv lenses costing around £20.

The sound design for the film was created all separately from the visuals as well.                      


Peace: A Child's Dream (2013)                                     Documentary/Animation - Canon 5d DSLR (HD)

Jonnie-Dean had started to make Art documentaries for a range of Artists, and grew an interest in world peace. This was his way of exploring what a child's vision of Peace looks like. The film was televised on the web, had its own film premiere and managed to get into two film festivals in the UK.

Jonnie-Dean wants to make a new version of the film, with new insight in the near future.

Disenchanted (2012) - Drama/Fantasy - Canon 5d DSLR (HD)

Jonnie-Dean's first children's film. The story was developed with the help of his wife at the time. This film helped bring a new direction into his work after an experimental film called Dark Voice in 2010. This short film went into many film festivals and was eventually developed as a feature screenplay.

Jonnie also directed another children's film 'The Lost Child' in 2011, but the overall film wasn't as polished as Disenchanted was.

Daydream (2009) - Drama - MiniDV

Jonnie-Dean's third and final short film that was made at University was made shortly after Desire.

Inspired by 'Linear' a feature film released with the U2 album No Line On The Horizon. Jonnie took one of the small scenes for the film and expanded it into a poetic film. As Desire and Daydream were made at the same time, they also have the same actor.

Jonnie-Dean was also slowly getting into colour grading even with the limitation of MiniDV at the time.


Desire (2009) - Drama - MiniDV

Jonnie-Dean's second short film that was made during his time at University. Inspired by Wim Wenders 'Wings of Desire" he wanted to make an art film that had no dialogue and showed more with the visuals.


Stones (2006) - Drama - MiniDV

"A Chance Meeting can change lives"

After making a handful of films at University, Jonnie-Dean was eager to direct a film, so he used actors from his current acting group to create a short Drama that he Wrote, Shot, Edited and Directed. Jonnie followed the film with an experimental film called 'Reflection' in 2006.

  • Screened on Propeller TV (A Sky Channel)

  • Super Shorts Film Festival 2006 - Official Selection

  • ITV Local Film Festival - Winner - £250 Award