|Jonnie-Dean Peace has been creating short films since 2006|

  • First short film 'Stones' was screened at the Super Shorts Film Festival in Soho, London.

  • First Film won a small award of £250 from ITV Local, which broadcasted films online before Youtube got really popular.

Cinema Screenings:

  • We had a small cinema screening of two children's films for an audience of 60 people, for the premiere Peace: A Child's Dream.

Film Festivals:

  • Three Short Films have been screened at the Portobello Film Festival

Currently in consideration for Film Festivals.



Starring Charlotte Etherington A Film by Jonnie-Dean Peace

“Richly filmed, acutely observed, sharply edited and sensitively acted”.

Peter John Cooper - Writer/Director/Poet

Genre: Drama Running Time: 1min

‘Everyday moments, can challenge your dreams’

#ToDream follows Violet Rosen who gets caught up with the strange sounds and sights of London, she has to overcome her anxiety and declining mental health, to make a choice. A one minute short film, that is currently heading to film festivals.


  • #ToDream (2019) - Drama

  • Heaven Sent (2017) - Spiritual Based Drama

  • Flowers For Her (2014) - Drama

  • Peace: A Child’s Dream (2013) - Children’s Documentary

  • The Lost Child (2012) - Children’s Drama

  • Disenchanted (2012) - Children’s Fantasy Drama

  • Dark Voice (2010) - Drama

  • Daydream (2009) - Drama

  • Desire (2009) - Drama

  • Reflection (2006) - Music Video Film

  • Stones (2006) - Drama

  • Change World Trade (2004) - Animation

|Heaven Sent| (2017)  Drama/Spirituality

Portobello Film Festival 2017 - Official Selection

Other Film Festivals Selected:

Stones (Short Film) - Super Shorts Film Festival 2006 - Life Category (Soho, London)

|Peace: A Child's Dream|(2013)  Documentary/Animation

Bang! Short Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection

Portobello Film Festival 2014 - Official Selection

|Disenchanted| (2012)  Drama/Fantasy

Up to ten film festivals including:

Portobello Film Festival 2013 - Official Selection

Auburn International Film Festival 2013 - Australia - Official Selection

Deep Fried Film Festival 2013 - (Scotland) - Official Selection

Uncover South West Film Festival - (Bournemouth, Dorset. UK) Official Selection

Cinekid Film Festival 2013 (Screening Club) - Official Selection

Blue November Micro Shorts Film Festival - (USA) - Official Selection

Monday Night Picture Club Screening - Brick Lane (London)