Filming a One Minute Short Film #ToDream


We recently released our one minute short film into film festivals. #ToDream tells the personal story of Violet who plucks up the courage to get around London. She is new to the sights and sounds, and we wanted to show in her eyes how daunting the experience can be for young people who aren’t used to city life.

We shot the film on the Sony A6300, with a Cinemorph Anamorphic filter made by Vid-Atlantic, that creates the stretched vertical bokeh and the long light flares. We shot the whole film in under 3 hours.

We managed to film on the London Underground. The way we achieved this was to shoot with minimal work without causing any interference with the station. We also filmed on multiple stations so that it wasn’t too noticeable. This was a true guerilla styled shoot, We didn’t have problems as we were respectful to the station location and I knew what we wanted before getting to the location.

Charlotte created a great performance within the short time frame. “I enjoyed every moment filming “To Dream” with Dean”, Charlotte says. “His creativeness, kindness and professionalism makes him a great director , videographer to work with . Playing violet in the short film was very relatable to me as I struggled massively with anxiety in college and still sometimes on day to day basis . Dean was great in helping me get in character and understanding the feelings of violet.

“When I first watched the film myself I loved the way it was edited and shot”. “Every scene conveyed the state of panic and Diseray that the character was feeling and I can’t wait to see how the others react to the film and how they can relate!”.

The film managed to get screened at the Moving Pictures Cinema in April as part of their London Film Showcase.

Film Festivals/Screenings:

  • London Short Film Showcase: Moving Pictures Cinema - April 2019

  • New Forest Film Festival 2019 - Semi Finalist