Promotional Films

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  • Savills - Estate Agent (Oxford Circus) - 90 sec event promo video.
  • Inside Out UK - Mental Health Company - 4min Promo Video and 1min Instagram Video
  • Proeve - Behind The Scenes Fashion Shoot Video - 3 Videos
  • Pole-dancer Showcase/Showreel 
  • Luxury Car Rally Company - Various events in London and Car Rallies in Europe (10-12 videos) 
  • Laura Liles (House Of Her) – BTS Photo-shoot Video 
  • People For Change – Live Performance/Charity Event 
  • International Alert - Talking Peace Festival Launch 
  • International Alert - Conflict Cafe 
  • Incognito Events 
  • Josie Benson (Fitness Video) (One Promo Video and a Live Event Video)
  • The Giving Style (Music Video Promo for EP Launch)
  • J100 Horticulture (Short Commercial Video)
  • Jack Chapman (Massage Therapist)
  • Wayne Marriott (Psychic Medium Commercial) 
  • Mystic Nella (Psychic Documentary Promo)
  • Babyem (Baby Care Youtube Videos) (Around 15 Online Videos made)
  • Leontia Gallery (Art Gallery Showcase Video)
  • Greenwich Mums (Greenwich Market) 
  • Greenwich Theatre 

Car Rally London Events/European Rallies Work :       

London Luxury Events

Devonshire Club Event - Feb 2018

Aston Martin Event - 2017

Home House Event - 2017

European Rally Video Promos

July Rally - Summer 2017

September Rally - Summer 2017

September Rally - Summer 2017

Two Luxury Event Videos | Charity Gala

Devonshire Club Event - Summer 2017

Home House Event - January 2018

Charity Gala - Dec 2017

Social Media footage from stock car rally footage:

French Riviera Rally Promo - Editing Stock Footage

Bloopers - Europe Rally - July -2017

Mental Health Awareness | Fitness Promo | BTS Fashion Video


Mental Health Awareness Event 

Fitness campaign video

Josie Benson - Professional Runner Campaign Video

International Alert - Talking Peace Festival 2016

International Alert - Conflict Cafe (Talking Peace Festival 2016)

My work was highlighted in this video (Talking Peace Festival 2016)

Music Event Promo Video

EP Band Promo

Charity Music Event

Music Club Event in London

Massage Therapist | Horticultural Video Commercial

Massage Therapist Promo Video

Horticultural Service Video

Psychic/Spirituality Video Promos

Psychic Medium Promo Video

Psychic Development Promo Video