Light My Way


A New Short Film Directed by Jonnie-Dean Peace

Billion Bites is now working on a new major short film project in collaboration with Ramesh Summan. The film will cover the topic of stammering, similar to the on screen portrayal of stammering of the kings speech, but to a modern and young audience.

Featuring an emotive and powerful story based on real life stories who have found a way of self acceptance with their stammer, away from stigma and loneliness.

The film project is also going to have creative themes, throwback lyrics, based on the work of the rock band U2 . Some of the characters stories will also be based on the experiences of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. The Film will also be shown to U2 fans once completed and will have a film premiere.

The story for Light My Way revolves around three characters, Joshua, Eve and Evan. All three suffer with stammering in some form and we follow their journey from living without help, to going into a speech therapy session. Some scars are harder to heal with family, relationships and dealing with a loss, but they learn to carry each other and find their path to find what they're looking for. 

Jonnie-Dean Peace's previous credits in films have been Heaven Sent and a children's film called Disenchanted. Both have been selected in film festivals and a world peace documentary he has previously made had a cinema screening.

The film will star Paul Harris and Max Rudd who was featured in Heaven Sent.

The film will be released in the Summer of 2018.

Please get in touch if you want to support the project.


Jonnie-Dean is an upcoming filmmaker who runs Billion Bites. He creates videos for clients and has been slowly working towards feature-length films.

Light My Way, will be Jonnie-Dean's first major funded film.

You can watch Billion Bites' previous short film here:


"The music drew me in straight away, then the acting, I loved this short film, and felt the suffering of the father, a really powerful short film". Deborah (Film Director)