Inside Out UK | Keep In Mind: Creativity & Mental Health | MHAW 2018

During MHAW18, we collaborated with Creatives, Mental Health Professionals and the local community to create a week of holistic activities to tackle stress and improve our mental health through a series of workshops and events. With Psycho-education at the core of our campaign, our aims were to explore methods for young people to gain 360 degree understanding of stress and to provide therapeutic platforms involving creativity.

The Monochronium | Captured the highlights of the 36 hour Monochronium event | showcasing the talent of Hazel Evans' work.

Anna and Lal | We explore the home of Lal and his wife Anna, Lal's work ranges from carving up an old tree root to a single matchstick. When they join forces, by using Anna's talent as a Fine Artist, they take their work to a different level, which shows their deep connection with both crafts and the bond that they share.